Vision Offering 2019

Sunday, 14 April – 10am & 6pm

As a church that seeks to love and care for the lost and downtrodden in not only our local community but also the global context, we are calling everyone in our church to participate in the Vision Offering for 2019.
There are so many projects to partner with and invest into, including some tax-deductible options.
What has God given you that you can in turn give to others?
How is God calling you to be stretched and give support?
In the lead up to the Vision Offering on Sunday 23 June, please be prayerful and carefully consider your own situation and how God might be calling you to participate. And remember, it’s not the amount but it is the heart behind the offering that is important.
Let’s pray and seek God together as a church, asking Him to provide our daily bread and show us how we can share His provision with those who need it.