Palm Sunday – Shane Willard AM

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard spoke on the historical significance of the entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem on the day we now know as Palm Sunday. The significance of everything happening on that day, during the celebration of the Passover is astounding. Prophecy fulfilled. Shane leaves us with an encouragement to approach the challenges in our lives like Jesus on a donkey, not like Pilate on a warhorse.

Shane Willard

Altitude #6 – Melinda Dwight

Melinda Dwight, Director of Alpha Australia was our guest speaker for this message.

Melinda spoke on the Next Step. Using the example of Peter stepping out of the boat, she outlined those next steps we need to take as Christians to boldly share our faith in Christ. First we need to step away, away from comfortable habits and environments. Then we need to step towards Jesus.

Melinda Dwight

Thrive #3 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry closes out the series Thrive with this message. The invitation in 2019 is for each of us to Thrive in relationship with Jesus and with others. Matt uses the symbolism of a table set for a meal with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. There are more places set, who will we invite to the table this year?

Matt Destry