The Desert Road – A Conversation. Matt Destry, Olivia McGrechan & Ben Kumar​

Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar and Pre-School Pastor, Olivia McGrechan joined Senior Pastor Matt Destry to share personal testimonies of how God has used them in their limitations. God does not use mankind’s’ scales to judge people. He wants to reach every person on this planet regardless of the barriers that they may face. We need to be ready to move in acts of love as Holy Spirit prompts. We may just be the Philip someone needs today.

Matt Destry, Olivia McGrechan & Ben Kumar​

The Desert Road – Matt Destry

In this message from series “House To House”, Senior Pastor Matt Destry shares how God uses our limitations to bring life to others; how He gives us guidance in real time and how Jesus has removed all barriers that stop us from entering the Kingdom of God. This is a good news story for ALL of us.

Matt Destry

From The Temple to The Table – Jody Destry

Senior Pastor, Jody Destry opens new series House to House with Acts 2:42, which describes the early days of the Church. We see how close they were in community, devoting themselves to the Word and breaking bread with one another, sharing all they had. Today, modern life has taken us away from the table of community and sharing. We have as invitation to rediscover the Word, an invitation rediscover the Table and an invitation rediscover Prayer. Every table, every mealtime can become an opportunity for communion and community as we move from the Temple to the Table.

Jody Destry

Easter 2020 – The Cross and The Crown

Over the Easter weekend, Pastors Matt and Jody Destry tracked the day by day journey of Jesus and the disciples as they experienced the crushing of the cross; the overwhelming distress of death and grief; the sinking feeling that God has ceased to work, ceased to be with them; and Jesus’ eventual triumphant victory over death. Jesus made a way; a way for all of us to experience victory too! Regardless of how overwhelmed we may feel, Jesus has not stopped working. He wears the crown. He is king over death, grief, loneliness, despair, fear and doubt. Come to Him with the crosses you bear and exchange them for His victorious crown. This podcast contains all 4 Easter devotionals with an introduction of each devotion by Pastor Jody.

Matt & Jody Destry

God’s Way Is Not Our Way – Ben Kumar

Young Adults pastor, Ben Kumar speaks about how different God’s way can be from the way we think things should play out. Sometimes we worship the plan we have in our own minds instead of submitting to the strategy He has planned. We need to stop being anxious and trying to figure everything out. Instead, go to Him and He will give you enough grace for each day.

Ben Kumar

Embrace The Strange – Matt Destry

Senior Pastor Matt Destry encourages us to embrace the strange. Change of any kind is strange, but we can be reassured that God does not change. He is resolute in his purposes. It is important to be honest with God about how difficulties are affecting us. He will not reject us. Embrace the cross. Embrace the change. Embrace His grace for you in this season.​​

Matt Destry

Creativity In The Crisis – Matt Destry

Senior Pastor Matt Destry, launches our Church Online with his message “Creativity In The Crisis”.

Speaking from Mark Ch 12 when the Pharisees attempted to catch Jesus out with a question around taxes, Matt encourages to honour our government in these challenging days of the COVID-19​ crisis. As Christians we have been commanded to do this. We must honour God first as always with our heart and He will bless us with fresh new ways of creativity in the crisis so that His Kingdom will continue to flourish.

Matt Destry

How To Make Impossible Pie – Matt Destry

In this message from our series The Cross and The Crown, Matt Destry speaks about how to make the spiritual version of Impossible Pie. beginning with the transfiguration of Christ, we see how the mountain top experience serves the valley floor. How can we take our experience with God into tomorrow? How can we, filled with the richness of our faith meet the needs of those around us?

Matt Destry

Empty Yourself – Shane Willard

There’s no crown without the Cross. What does this statement mean to us as Christians? Shane Willard points us towards Jesus, who humbled Himself, who emptied Himself completely unto death on the cross, so that we may live. Is there someone in our world today that needs us to humble and empty ourselves to point them to Heaven?

Shane Willard

The End Of Hostility – Shane Willard

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard speaks about one aspect of The Cross with this message in our series The Cross & The Crown. The Cross was the end of hostility, it is the call to believers to be peacemakers. We learn that we need to bring peace and de-escalate hostility in situations and relationships around us. We need to back away from the destructive game of one up man ship and the need to be recognised as being in the right, even when we are right! Blessed are the peacemakers.

Shane Willard