Life In The Village #5 – Matt Destry

In our 5th message in the series Life In The Village, Matt Destry speaks about Covenant Friendship. We look at the beautiful friendship between David and Jonathan as well as Christ’s covenant with His disciples.
Covenant friendships are deep soul connecting relationships that bring peace in conflict but take commitment. You cannot hold another’s sword if you are weighed down with your own armour.

Matt Destry

Life In The Village #3 – Guest Speaker, Murray Holmes

Guest Speaker, Murray Holmes continues our Life in The Village series. Murray spoke on family life. Juggling, career with parenting, keeping romance with your partner alive and how sharing the ups and downs with others in “the village” can make the journey of life a true joy.

Murray Holmes

Life In The Village #2 – Matt & Jody Destry

Aimed for a Young Adult audience, Matt and Jody spoke on sex and dating. A good relationship is built on one good decision at a time but we all make bad decisions from time to time. A gracious God allows us to pick ourselves up and make the next decision a good one.

Matt & Jody Destry

Father’s Day, The Generalist – Matt Destry

This special Father’s Day message by Matt Destry includes the audio of videos shown during the message.
Matt’s message was title the Generalist. Men today have to multitask like no other generation before them and this message was one of great encouragement. Men, you have what it takes. Men you are approved and loved by your Heavenly Father.

Matt Destry

Shane Willard Special Event – Biblical Keys to Financial Freedom

A favourite guest here at Discovery Church, it was great to hold this special Thursday eveningĀ  with Shane Willard event. Shane spoke on Biblical Keys to Financial Freedom, based around Jewish money systems. Understanding the ancient Hebrew world’s approach to money is an invaluable guide on how to manage our finances in a God honouring way today.

Shane Willard

Life Hacks #4 – Tiani Walters

Life Hack #4 is Community Life. Tiani Walter’s message focuses on how life as part of a community is nourishment to our soul. Living life in a healthy community adds vibrancy to our lives. Tiani teaches that a healthy community is one where there are open hearts, open minds and open hands.

Tiani Walters