Stories of Summer #3 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry kicks off the first Sunday of 2020 speaking about Rest-o-lutions instead of resolutions. ​2020 will be a better year, not because of the things you add but because of the things you take away. What is it we can remove from our lives instead of trying to jam in yet more stuff, more activity, more expectations? What will bring rest and time for more intimacy with God? We don’t need to keep doing more and more to be right with God. He has already done all that was required.

Matt Destry

Every Heart #1 – Matt Destry

Speaking about God being the God of Lost Causes, Matt Destry redefines the meaning of poverty, telling us that in a biblical sense poverty was not about a lack of wealth or resource, but really all about disconnection from relationships. When we are disconnected from relationship with God, others, our own identity or even creation, then we experience true poverty. He encouraged us that even if we have written off a relationship with one of the above, God has not!​​

Matt Destry

Guest Speaker – Dave Hodgson

Dave Hodgson, Guest Speaker. Dave is the Founder and MD of the Australian based Paladin Group of Companies and is a sought-after speaker whose lectures are presented at conferences, seminars, business groups, churches, universities, radio and television, and at economic summits all over the world. In this message Dave teaches how he learnt to do God’s will, God’s way resulting in a meteoric rise from $76,000 worth of credit card debt and no assets, to a $100 million business in two years and seven months.

Dave Hodgson