Broken Arrow #1 – Matt Destry

All the best stories begin from nothing. Matt’s message to launch new series “Broken Arrow” started at the beginning of David’s story. An insignificant youngest son among the many sons of Jesse, David shepherded his father’s flocks. He was the most unlikely of candidates to become a Nation’s king. But God chose a flawed, imperfect David to fulfil His plans and today God chooses you.

Matt Destry

Unstuck #4 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry concludes our series Unstuck looking at the words of Joshua towards the end of his life. Joshua looks back over 100’s of years of history and sees how God has been at the centre of everything. Every battle, every blessing, moving Israel along throughout history despite their tendency to get stuck. Matt speaks about some of the areas we get stuck, Generational Cycles, Personal History & the Culture of the Day. Will we declare as Joshua did, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”?

Matt Destry

Unstuck #3 – Tiani Walters & Matt Destry

In this third week of series Unstuck, Matt Destry welcomes Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters to share her personal story of becoming unstuck. Tiani shares her pain and sorrow of being given away to an orphanage at just 3 days old. She speaks about the struggle she has with not letting the orphan mentality make her stuck in defining who she is and shares the joy in becoming unstuck as she finds her identity in being a child of God.

Tiani Walters & Matt Destry

Unstuck #2 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry preaches a powerful message on how leaving the narrative that God is writing for our lives results in us being stuck in a life that is far less than God’s best for us. Getting unstuck always involves a wrestle with God. The wrestle is all about surrender, humility and identity. It’s in the wrestle that we realise that our power is no match for God’s power. God in his grace reminds us that it’s only in His power that we get Unstuck. Jody encourages us to not give up in the wrestle. It’s only after the wrestle that we can re-enter our story.

Jody Destry

Unstuck #1 – Matt Destry

In this first message of new series “Unstuck”, Matt Destry takes us back through over a 1000 years of fertility in the book of Genesis. The smooth flow of a genealogy is suddenly interrupted by Abram’s wife Sarai who is barren. Through Matt’s message we learn that God is often a God of Interruption, who invades our world to see the purposes of His Kingdom come to pass. We need to recognise when our lives are suddenly interrupted, often in a most uncomfortable way, and know that this is God at work.

Matt Destry

Seedtime & Harvest #4 – Ben Kumar

Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar spoke on the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. Joseph’s life the perfect example of the seasons of Seedtime & Harvest. Throughout seasons of hardship and blessing, Joseph never wavered in his integrity or zeal for God’s righteousness. Joseph understood that success equaled character, not possession or status.

Ben Kumar

Seedtime & Harvest #3 – Phil Hamilton

Phil Hamilton, our Global Pastor continues with our Seedtime & Harvest series. Phil spoke around God’s plan for the world and the call of God on each of our lives. Using the example of Jesus during the Passover celebrations Phil points out how we must put the riches of heaven before earthly riches. Our call can be compromised by financial insecurity, by the way we steward our resources. What are we zealous for? Where we put our efforts to reveal the answer.

Phil Hamilton

Seedtime & Harvest #2 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry speaks about pineapples and other cool things in this 2nd message of our Seedtime & Harvest series. Her message is around scarcity and fear mindsets, and the all-encompassing sufficiency of God.​Many of us have a fear of scarcity in our lives, but God is a God of the Harvest. We can trust Him with our seed, we are sowing in fertile ground.

Jody Destry