Vision 2020 #2 – Matt Destry

Matt’s message is all about fighting for connection. If you’re going to fight for anything, fight for connection. In a world that is tearing itself apart and people who are tearing each other apart, families who are being torn apart, lives that are being torn apart, fight for connection. The wisdom of God is displayed in a connected church. This goes beyond all of the things that divide us, which is why Matt encourages us to fight for connection. God’s already won it. Jesus has already accomplished it. It’s already there for us to step into like an inheritance.

Matt Destry

Vision Sunday 2020 – Matt Destry

Launching the first series of 2020 Matt Destry invites us all to find ourselves in the bigger story this year. In this culture of being known for what we do, we often don’t know who we actually are, who the person behind the deeds is. When we find ourselves in God’s story, the bigger story and surrender to God’s plan for our lives, then we find out who we truly are.

Matt Destry

Stories of Summer#9 – Kyle Hanna, Corey Bates & Cat Boehringer

Members of the Discovery Church Young Adults Community, Kyle, Cat and Corey concluded our Stories of Summer series. Kyle challenged us to adventure in new spaces and places with Jesus. Cat shared her journey through miscarriage and learning to know God’s grace in the messes and fears in life. Corey shared how God has taught him to step out in confidence empowered by God’s calling on his life.​​

Kyle Hanna, Corey Bates & Cat Boehringer​

Stories of Summer #3 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry kicks off the first Sunday of 2020 speaking about Rest-o-lutions instead of resolutions. ​2020 will be a better year, not because of the things you add but because of the things you take away. What is it we can remove from our lives instead of trying to jam in yet more stuff, more activity, more expectations? What will bring rest and time for more intimacy with God? We don’t need to keep doing more and more to be right with God. He has already done all that was required.

Matt Destry