Seedtime & Harvest #4 – Ben Kumar

Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar spoke on the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. Joseph’s life the perfect example of the seasons of Seedtime & Harvest. Throughout seasons of hardship and blessing, Joseph never wavered in his integrity or zeal for God’s righteousness. Joseph understood that success equaled character, not possession or status.

Ben Kumar

Seedtime & Harvest #3 – Phil Hamilton

Phil Hamilton, our Global Pastor continues with our Seedtime & Harvest series. Phil spoke around God’s plan for the world and the call of God on each of our lives. Using the example of Jesus during the Passover celebrations Phil points out how we must put the riches of heaven before earthly riches. Our call can be compromised by financial insecurity, by the way we steward our resources. What are we zealous for? Where we put our efforts to reveal the answer.

Phil Hamilton

Seedtime & Harvest #2 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry speaks about pineapples and other cool things in this 2nd message of our Seedtime & Harvest series. Her message is around scarcity and fear mindsets, and the all-encompassing sufficiency of God.​Many of us have a fear of scarcity in our lives, but God is a God of the Harvest. We can trust Him with our seed, we are sowing in fertile ground.

Jody Destry

Seedtime & Harvest #1 – Matt Destry

New series Seedtime & Harvest was launched by Matt Destry.

Matt helps to dispel some common misconceptions that we tend to face as Christians regarding how we view money. Looking at what the Bible has to say about seedtime, harvest, money, possessions and God’s provision, we explored how to be faithful stewards of God’s grace and provision for our lives. Matt also speaks of the God that has provided us with every spiritual blessing and who cares for the needs of His children and that in Jesus Christ we have a model of how to be rich towards God and our brothers and sisters.

Matt Destry

Into The Wild #5 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry wraps up our Into The Wild Series by speaking about journeying through suffering into the promised land. At times the journey can seem much longer than we first thought it would take, and often we find it is much more painful.

But God in His love and kindness is doing work we cannot begin to imagine, using the wilderness as the forging ground of our souls. And not only that, He is with us in the suffering and leading us on the journey, giving us His tangible presence and provision.

Jody Destry

Into The Wild #4 – Philip Hamilton

Looking at the example of the life of Moses, Global Pastor Philip Hamilton speaks about taking what is in our hands, those small seeds of our calling and giving them over to the agape love of God. We learn that no matter how insignificant those seeds may seem God has a plan and a purpose for them and that we can all play a part in the Mission of Christ.

Philip Hamilton

Into The Wild #3

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Discovery Church saw 3 special women share their hearts. Senior Pastor Jody Destry, Service & Events Pastor Melissa Donovan and Youth Pastor Tiani Walters each had a unique perspective of motherhood from both being a mother and being a child. It was a really special Sunday.

Jody Destry, Melissa Donovan & Tiani Walters