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Discovery Life – 6 August 2017

Current Series – Winter Warmers

Sundays, 6 August – 27 August 2017

You are invited to come and ‘sit around the fire’ and be warmed up by God. For the month of August, we would just like to join together as a community, to get up close and personal with our Lord and Saviour. We are encouraged to create a space where we can rest, reflect and re-engage with God and the purposes He has for us.

Father’s Day – Neil Meyer, Guest Speaker

Sunday, 3 September 10am & 6pm

This Father’s Day we are honoured to have Neil Meyer, who is the Executive Director at Teen Challenge Victoria, bringing the word at both the 10AM & 6PM services. Neil’s messages will be around turning the hearts of Fathers to children, the Power of Father and how to deal with the paradox of parenthood.

Pre-Service Prayer

Every Sunday

Prayer Insta_1

Every Sunday

9:30AM & 5:30PM

Everyone is invited

Yes – Kids are welcome!

This is an opportunity to be part of an exciting atmosphere of faith and connection to the Holy Spirit, whilst building momentum for our services!

Meet in the Connect Room.

Plus One Initiative


Plus 1Plus 1 is an exciting initiative we’ve launched around the power of invitation.

We believe that God wants everyone to come to Him and find the life that they were designed to live. Plus 1 is a strategy designed to help you invite people on that journey.

If each of us would invite just 1 person to church this year what an impact that would have. What if each of us invited just one person to serve alongside us this year?

We believe in the power of invitation – each of us have been invited by God on a journey towards new life. Plus 1 is about us inviting one other person to take the same journey that we’re going on. Jesus wants His house to be full, and He also wants to send out more workers into the plentiful harvest field, and so Plus 1 takes evangelism out of the ‘overwhelming’ into the realm of ‘I can do this!’

Out of all the people you connect with in your week – is there just one you could invite to church this year? What about at church? Is there just one who you could invite to serve with you this year?

With Plus 1 we’re asking each other this year: #whoscomingwithyou?