Restore #6 – Jody Destry

“Woundedness does not equal weakness.” When we are hurting, it doesn’t mean that we are not healing. Healing can be painful but, we are encouraged to keep our faith in God as He works in us to work through us. God takes those painful moments and turns them into powerful stories. We can own our story without shame and fear of judgement. In this message Jody Destry shares her story and brings the truly encouraging word God put in her heart for us.

Jody Destry

Restore #5 – Pete Lusk

We continue the Restore Series with a great message from Pete Lusk on the power of story. Sharing our story or hearing the stories of others builds faith and brings restoration.

Pete Lusk

Restore #5 – Guest Speaker, Dr Allan Meyer

It was great having guest speaker, Al Meyer with us speaking into our Restore series.  Al spoke on Psalm 73. This Psalm helps us understand and deal with the complaints we have against God. “A complaint against God colours the way you see life.”

Allan Meyer

Restore #4 – Guest Speaker, Dr Allan Meyer

It was wonderful to have special guest, Al Meyer with us speaking into our Restore series. His message focused on the importance of being faithful servants for the Lord, doing His good works to create good will and open hearts for the good news. Let us impact our community for eternity.

Allan Meyer

Restore #3 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry’s message for our series Restore continued the theme that we can move forward after brokeness.

Jody Destry

Restore #2 – David Breen

David Breen continued our Restore series speaking about the culture of Heaven. Using the parable of the Prodigal Son he spoke on how this parable confounded the religious thinking of the day. We learn that our Heavenly Father has an “open arm” theology and we are all invited into the Kingdom because of His great love for His children, good and bad. Love is what invites us into the Kingdom.

David Breen

Restore #1 – Fire, Food & Friends

Our new series, Restore was kicked off by Matt Destry. Titled Fire, Food & Friends (because everybody deserves a second chance), the message centered on friendship and betrayal. We looked at that first meal, prepared by Jesus after His resurrection where Peter was restored to right relationship with Jesus.

Matt Destry

Mother’s Day 2017 – PM service

Mother’s Day 2017. In our evening Sunday service we had 3 Discovery Church blokes sharing on motherhood from a man’s perspective.

Mother’s Day 2017 – The Panel AM

Mother’s Day 2017 is all about The Promise. A Panel of Discovery mums crossing all generations shared their journeys of motherhood and how precious and faithful God is to His promises.

Panel, hosted by Jody Destry

Measuring Up – Peter Lusk

Death of the Tape Measure. Pete Lusk’s message to us is that the days of trying to measure up, to prove ourselves worthy of God have been long over. Instead there is Grace, Amazing Grace through Jesus Christ. Pete’s gift of encouragement comes to the fore and he shares some tips on how we can exhort and support each other.

Peter Lusk

Shane Willard, Guest Speaker – 6PM Service

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard message was aimed at breaking free from Regret. Looking back and wondering “what if” only keeps us captive and unable to move forward and progress towards a mature and productive life.

Shane Willard

Shane Willard, Guest Speaker – 10AM Service

Guest Speaker, Shane Willard speaks on how to break free from Envy, Jealousy and Comparison in this message. He explains how destructive they can be in a Christian’s life and give practical, simple advice on how to break free.

Shane Willard

Behold! #4 – Heather Johnson, Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, sees Heather Johnson sharing a powerful message about the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Heather Johnson

Behold! #3 – Rachel McIlgorm, Good Friday PM

Rachel McIlgorm, our Head of Production shares a passionate message on the Cross in our Good Friday evening service.

Rachel McIlgorm

Behold! #2 – David Breen, Good Friday AM

David Breen from Discovery Community Care, takes the service for our Good Friday morning message. He speaks on the incredible significance of the death of Jesus and the of Great Exchange that was the result.

David Breen

Behold #1 – Matt & Jody Destry

Matt & Jody Destry played tag team to paint a vivid picture of what Palm Sunday looked at the time it occurred. Together they highlighted that Jesus is no ordinary king. He did not come to conquer us, He came to win us with His peace. Surrendering to Him is what brings transformation.

Matt & Jody Destry

Dan Lian – Guest Speaker 6PM Service

Guest Speaker, Dan Lian challenges the common philosophy that once you become a follower of Jesus everything is going to be ok. He speaks plainly and truthfully on what it means to take up our cross and become a Christ follower. This is a powerful message.

Dan Lian

Dan Lian – Guest Speaker 10AM Service

It was great to Have Dan Lian join us at Discovery Church again. His message in the morning service was about leaving “Selfie hood” behind and taking on Servanthood. A brilliant message!

Dan Lian

Preparing The Way #9 – Pete Lusk

Rest – Rest is sweet. Pastor Pete Lusk concludes our Preparing The Way series speaking on the importance of rest. Over and over again in scripture God mentions rest. The invitation of Christ to the weary and burdened to come and find rest in Him is the focus of Pete’s message.

Pete Lusk

Ash Barker – Guest Speaker

Special Guest Speaker, Dr. Ash Barker speaks in our 6PM service on his calling to the Urban poor around the world. Living and working among some of the most extreme poverty situations over the last 20 years has given Ash a unique understanding of God’s heart for people trapped in a seemingly inescapable poverty trap. He has experienced first hand how the joy of the Lord can transcend material circumstances.

Ash Barker